We run a series of 12-week evening classes which are designed as a more informal class compared to our full-time classes.  These can be attended by anyone who has an interest in photography and can serve as a stepping stone to full-time courses or simply an opportunity to learn more about your camera and improve your photography.

Courses which we offer include:

  • Camera Techniques
    • An ideal course if you have never used a Digital SLR Camera before or you want to take more control of your camera and get away from the preset options.  This course will teach you how a camera works, what the main settings on the camera are for and give you some exercises which will help you to take better photographs.  This is a great first course to take and has the option to continue on to some of our other evening courses which will build on the skills you have learned and improve your photography further.
  • Media Photography
    • Building on your existing camera skills this course offers practical assignments which will improve your photography.  The course examines how photography is used in the media and explores different equipment and how it may be used in various types of photography.
  • Reportage Photography
    • An introduction to storytelling through photography this course gives you the opportunity to choose a theme of your own liking and through practical exercises, lectures and class critiques you will create a series of images within your theme by the end of the course.
  • Digital Imaging
    • An introduction to digital image editing using Adobe Photoshop.  This is an introductory course to using the industry standard software.  Ideal if you have never used Photoshop before or you want to refresh or update your skills.  You will learn some basic editing techniques that will help you enhance your own images such as removing distracting items, fixing overexposed skies, retouching skin, cropping and selective colouring.

Courses generally start in September and again in January for 12 weeks each.

For more information or to apply for any of our courses please visit the New College Lanarkshire Photography Courses page.

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