Introducing Kyle

Meet Kyle

Hello! I am Kyle. 

I have been a photography student at New college Lanarkshire since I joined the access to photography course in 2018. Since then, my passion and love for the art has grown exponentially as I moved through my years of study. Now coming to the end of the HND course we are staging a virtual exhibition with imagery based around the title ‘Life in Focus’. For my set of four images pertaining to this theme, I have chosen to capture meaningful, emotion felt portraits of family members. These images will involve appropriate styling and creative lighting to ensure they are striking and captivating for the viewer of the exhibit. 

It is my hope that this set of photographs will encapsulate who my family members are in my mind and reflect my feelings and emotions towards them as well as represent their impact on me as a photographer. 

I cant wait to share my work with the photography community and display to my family members just how much they mean to me and inspire me. 

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