Student picks up award in International Food Awards

We are delighted to congratulate ex-student Vivienne Muir on her recent success in Foodelia International Food Awards (Collection 21).

Vivienne completed her HNC in Photography at New College Lanarkshire in 2017 before emigrating to Bahrain.  Her HNC Graded Unit titled “Meat without Feet” featured a portfolio of images of food photography on the theme of seafood.  She entered a selection of these images to the competition and was granted 2 awards by the judges.

To see Vivienne’s images and the other selected images for collection 21 of the competition you can visit the Foodelia website:

If you’d like to learn the skills to become an international food photographer then visit our courses page to see which level might suit you.

2 thoughts on “Student picks up award in International Food Awards”

  1. Fantastic images taken after only one year of tuition. A well deserved award.

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