STEM Event

The recent STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) event at Coatbridge campus provided a great opportunity for our students to practice their photojournalism skills.  The event was attended by 3 of our photography students who were tasked with capturing the variety of workshops and demonstrations on display.  This gave them the opportunity to work in a […]

HND Students prepare for upcoming exhibition

Our HND photography students visited several exhibitions in Glasgow last week in preparation for their upcoming end of year showcase. After being delayed by the snow the previous week we set out to visit some of the current exhibitions on display with the view to gathering ideas about layout, printing, presentation and promotion of an […]

Assistant for a Day

During the gap week I had the pleasure of assisting Lewis Napier on a Portraiture photoshoot. Lewis was preparing a lesson on lighting techniques which will be used in his classes. There was a reason I asked if I could assist.  It is a while since I have been a student. I have seen some […]

Colleges Scotland Parliamentary Event

Each year our students are given the opportunity to gain some real world experience by working with external agencies.  This includes working with companies to cover black tie events, photograph working kitchens, sporting events and press launches. This year we started off with a very exciting first work experience event.  We were delighted when our students […]

Student picks up award in International Food Awards

We are delighted to congratulate ex-student Vivienne Muir on her recent success in Foodelia International Food Awards (Collection 21). Vivienne completed her HNC in Photography at New College Lanarkshire in 2017 before emigrating to Bahrain.  Her HNC Graded Unit titled “Meat without Feet” featured a portfolio of images of food photography on the theme of […]

NQ Photography visit to Edinburgh

On 10th March NQ Photography left behind the confines of the college. The first part of the day involved a train trip to Waverly station, where they started their search for an interesting Architectural image. Lying on the floor of the waiting room got the students a few strange looks but hey! we are photography students.